Our Services

Walk Through Survey
  • We provide Industrial workplace hazards survey for all industries.
  • We also do Electric Arc Flash protection suervey.
  • Survery will be conducted by expirenced and quilified professional.

Visual Identification Survey
  • Work place visual identification

    A visual workplace includes the signage, pipe markers and visual directives needed for employees and stakeholders to easily understand everyday work instructions, safety risks, proper procedures and their work environment. However, evaluating areas for improvement, identifying compliance and best practice visuals, and creating an effective visual workplace on your own can be a challenging task.

  • Visual Workplace audits

    Our Visual Workplace Audits take the confusion out of the process and help you understand how to integrate at-a-glance, visual tools into your facility to improve employee safety and productivity.

    Brady’s Visual Workplace Services provide you with a best-fit, realistic plan to improve your visual workplace.

    How do we do this? Once an audit is completed, our clients receive a detailed audit report that provides facility photos of areas for improvement, and product recommendations.

    Our Visual Workplace Audits are performed by safety practitioners and provide personalized consultation on how to take a continuous improvement approach to improving your visual workplace. They come on-site and complete a detailed audit report including facility photos, custom and stock product recommendations.


    - PPE Signs (General Facility & Specific Workstations)
    - Fire Protection Equipment Identification
    - Exit & Egress Routes (Signage, Floor Markings, Assembly Areas, etc)
    - First Aid Equipment Identification
    - Confined Space Signs
    - General Hazard Identification Signs
    - Traffic Control Identification
    - Electrical Hazard Identification
    - Security/Site Access Signs

  • Our Pipe Marking Services meet all 7 International Industry Standards

    • ASME A13.1-2007
    Specification of pipe contents and their hazards

    • Health & Safety Signs Regulation (1.4.96)
    Full identification of pipes transporting dangerous and hazardous substances required

    • ISO 14726
    Specifies principle colours for identification of substances in pipes (commonly referred to as Marine pipe identification in ship & offshore sites)

    • ISO (DIS) 14726-2
    Specifies additional colour codes for more detailed identification of substances

    • AS 1345-1995
    Addresses elements of design and specifies location of markers and adjacent distances

    • OSHA - 29 CFR 1910.261 (a)(3)(ii)
    AScheme for the Identification of Piping Systems, A13.1 - 1956

    • IIAR (International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration)
    Guidelines for Identification of Ammonia Refrigeration Piping and System Components

Fire Load Calculation
  • We carryout fire load survey to help our costomers in identifying actual fire risk involved at workplace and determining required quantity of appropriate fire fighting equipments.

Refilling & Maintenance
SCBA Compressor
  • We provide refilling services for SCBA Cylinder with non contaminated 3 stage purified breathable grade air.(for 200 BAR & 300 BAR Cylinder )
  • We also do HP Testing of SCBA Cylinder with CCE Approved Agency Certificate.
Refilling of fire extinguishers
  • We Provide refilling services for all type of portable and higher capacity fire extinguishers.
  • We also do HP testing and Repairing of all type of Fire Extinguishers.

Calibration of Portable & Fix Gas detector
  • We, Mark Safety Appliances offering a flexible range of products able to measure flammable, toxic and oxygen gases with the range of Portable and Fix gas detector. With the experience of 20 years we had served many Pharma, Chemical, Food, Oil & Gas, Engineering industries.
  • Our vision is to protect people and the environment from gas hazards.
  • Technical Services:

    · Calibration of different portable & Fixed Gas Detectors
    · Service / Maintenance of different portable & fixed Gas Detectors
    · Survey for Fix detection system
    · Commissioning of Fix Gas detection system
    · Calibration of Fix Gas detection systems

Arc Flash Risk Assessment
  • Dedicating internal resources to complete your NFPA Arc Flash Risk Assessment can not only be time consuming, but requires an investment in software and the Arc Flash knowledge behind the assessment. One miscalculation can result in inaccurate PPE protection, non-compliance and even more time spent on rework. Our electrical engineer will complete your assessment, provide you with a detailed assessment report including your single line diagram and install the correct arc flash labels.

  • Arc Flash Audit

    Changes made in your electrical systems add up over time and it can be hard to keep your assessments up to date. If you have not reviewed your assessment or study within the last 5 years, it is time to audit your Arc Flash Risk Assessment. Let our electrical engineer perform your arc flash audit and ensure your assessment is up to date and compliant.

  • Arc Flash Safety Training

    Under NFPA 70E, qualified employees must be able to apply their Arc Flash Safety Training on the shop floor. Our Arc Flash Safety Training is a custom approach to training that incorporates both the NFPA regulation and your company-specific arc flash requirements to ensure participating employees will be able to apply their knowledge to your company-specific requirements and safely perform their maintenance and everyday workplace activities.

Loto Implementation
  • For Compliance with OSHA CFR 1910.147: The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

    The fastest, most effective way to ensure compliance with OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard. It is a turnkey, comprehensive lockout service in which Brady engineers come to your facility, develop and document the complete range of required equipment-specific procedures for you.

    VLOP Program Deliverables :
    Procedure Creation
    • Identified equipment examined to determine lockout steps.
    • Digital images are captured.
    • Specific machines reviewed by Brady and Alstom.
    • Machine-specific procedures are created.
    • Review specific procedures as a quality assurance check.
    Installation of Procedures and Energy Source Tags
    • Supervision of procedures mounting onto machinery.
    • Supervision of Energy-and machine-control points labeling.
    File Transfer and Training - All procedures are the property of Alstom.
    • Electronic files of all machine-specific Lockout-Tagout procedures, and all associated files.
    • One desk copy and CD with electronic database of procedures.
    • Lockout-Tagout procedures creation template reviewed.
    • Qualified Alstom employees will be trained in a single training session in use of the software.
    • Ability to perform future basic modifications or create simple procedures.