VORTEX Air Conditioner

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Product Description
The VORTEX Air Conditioner is created to keep workers, wearing air purifying systems, comfortable in either hot or cold working conditions using only one device. The VORTEX uses breathable compressed air to reach temperature ranges of up to circa 20°C cooler or warmer than the inlet temperature. 

Materials :  Aluminium
Weight :  400 gram 
Airline pressure :  4,5 bar dynamic pressure
Performance :  20°C temp. difference, heating or cooling 
Minimum airflow :  160 l/min. (at 4,5 bar dynamic pressure) 
Maximum airflow :  230 l/min. (at 4,5 bar dynamic pressure)
Compressed air usage :  410 Nl/min. (at 4,5 bar dynamic pressure)
Min. working temp. :  -10°C
Max. working temp. :  +60°C
Noise level at 5,5 bar :  91 dB
Max. hose length :  50 m
Packaging :  Packed per piece

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