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Product Details

EN standard certified, high quality assurance

Product Description

  • The whole SCBA apparatus only weighs 6.4 kgs (without cyl)
  • Medium pressure hose and high pressure hose are positioned on both sides and tightly against back pack to ensure safe and balanced wearing.
  • Broadened straps ensure comfort, equipped with reflective stripes for easy observation in dark environments.
  • The built-in high pressure hose is equipped with exposure hole outside to ensure user’s safety.
  • The chest whistle provides over 90 dB loud alarm to ensure the easy noticing of the user and others.
  • Survivair 20/20 mask: high temperature resistant and does not harden or become brittle under low temperature conditions, special anti-scratch coating lens provides superior scratch resistant capability. 
  • Newly-designed Banjo connector provides more flexibility when wearing the demand valve.
  • Banjo connector puts the medium-pressure hose closer to the user’s chest and avoids the risk of hose becoming hooked.

Ref.     Description
SCBA 846    T8000 with PANO mask and storage box
SCBA 856T    T8000 with quick connector, 20/20 mask and storage box
L65C    Luxfer Carbon Composite 6.8l cyl. (EN&CCOE approved)
CA-0046    EN approved Cylinder value

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