RPB Nova 3 Blast Respirator With Climate Control

Item Code : NV3-715-50


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Product Details

The RPB Nova 3 revolutionizes the abrasive blasting experience with the world’s most comfortable blasting respirator.

With breakthrough technology and comfort, the Nova 3 has been designed around the operator's needs to advance their safety and productivity.

Visibility has been at the forefront of the Nova 3 design process. With the unique cassette lens system, you can experience an optically clear field of view at all times.
The superior operating window optimizes peripheral vision and allows for 30% more downward vision than other respirators on the market.

The ratchet padding system provides a customizable fit and molded side pads absorb sound, protecting against hearing loss. Its unique helmet design distributes weight evenly across your head and shoulders, keeping the center of gravity low, eliminating top heaviness, and relieving you from aches and strains on your neck.

All parts are field replaceable to minimize downtime and the padding system is machine washable for hygiene purposes.


Constant flow valve
C40™ Climate Control Device
Nylon cap
SAR breathing tube

Abrasive blasting

Certified to EN 14594 2005 4 B
Certified to EN 397 2003+A1:2009
Certified to EN 166 2001 1 B

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