Honeywell CF2000 Series CF-SAR

Item Code : CF2007


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Product Details

Convert your north half mask on full facepiece to continuous flow supplied air respirator with the CF2007 “Y” breathing tube.

Product Description

  • Adapts North half masks and full face pieces into CF-SAR through cartridge cannectors, with no additional fit testing required.
  • Breathing tubes are located on the worker’s back, out of the work zone and not interfering with the task at hand.
  • Welding adapter for the 5400 and 7600 masks is NIOSH approved for use in welding applications adding greater flexibility of use.

Complete assembly* includes: belt, muffler, and Y breathing tube 

CF2007 / Assembly, with Y breathing tube and nylon belt

*Facepiece, couplers, and hoses must be ordered separately.


 Breathing tube shown on 7600 face mask, face mask not included

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