Honeywell Bio-S-Cape

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Product Details

The Bio-S-Cape is an emergency escape berthing device (EEBD), with 15 min. duration. As it is to 
put on it can provide immediate relief in evacuation secnarios, such as toxic or low oxygen level 

Product Description

  • Adjustable hood for all face shapes and accommodates all types of facial hair and spectacles.
  • Wide-angle lens without optical distortion.
  • Adjustable carrying strap(optional hip belt).
  • Improved visibility and reduced internal reflections at the visor thanks to a dark inner surface to the hood.
  • Reducer triggered automatically when the bag is opened.
  • Back of the head cushion inflates automatically to keep hood it in place.
  • Recharging port (EN), allowing the apparatus to be refilled after use.
  • High-visibility hood, resistant to extreme temperature, humidity and chemical environments.
  • Fully airtight, comfortable and tear-resistant neck seal thanks to rip stop line on the neck seal.
  • Gauge visible at all times: easy to check pressure during storage inspection and escape.
  • Powerful alarm whistle to indicate end of operation and nonmetallic: positioned next to the ear and does not consume air(air re-injected into the hood).
  • Durable PVC carrying bag with a cylinder securing system.
  • Silicone “anti-kink” hose(spring loaded).
  • Liquid accumulation reduction system on the bag to prevent the risk of accumulation of salt spray inside the bag when stored outside on a boat.
  • Label only accessible from inside the bag to avoid accidental removal.

Technical Description

  • Standard: EN 1146:2005, ISO 23269-1:2008, SOLAS, MED, IMO, MSC
  • Hood: Hood with wide field of vision (without optical distortion) equiped with synthetic, non-allergenic soft rubber with a tear-resisstant system
  • Hood Material: Polyurethane
  • Backpack Harness: Durablecarrying bag, quick opening, fluorescent strips, safety seal, large window, liquid accumulation reduction system
  • Backpack Harness Material: PVC (orange)
  • Pneumatics: 3 liters 200 bar steel air cylinder (empty - can be filled upon request)
  • Stage 1 Pressure Reducer: Triggered when opening the bag; including an integrated EN charging plug
  • Operating Temperature Rate: -15°C/+60°C
  • Optional Carrying Case: Wall-mounted storage box for Bio-S-Cape

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