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Product Details

Product Description

  • Rubber coating : to reduce noise and wear
  • Offers the user high-level protection : with its comfortable pressure
  • Low flow indicator for increased safety
  • Shoulder, back and chest protection : with its cape
  • Disposable visor : protecting the main visor
  • Mesh screen
  • Adjustable headband : for added comfort
  • All parts easily replaceable
  • Cape available in 3 versions : leather, cotton or waterproof bisonyl for chemical hazards
  • Focused field of view (145mmx90mm). No distraction in the visual field. Polyester reinforced with fiberglass, rubber coating.

Technical Description

Weight               2 kg (including hose and regulator)
Alarm trigger     At a rate lower or equal to 140 l or 37 US gal/min
Visor                 145mmx90mm
NPF                 2000
APF                 40

Complete ready to use filtration systems with a total flow of up to 1600 I/min

Ref                      Description                                                                       NPF    APF
A133230-00        Commander shot blasting helmet with bisonyl cape       2000    40

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