Tychem 2000 Yellow

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Product Details

Colour  :  Yellow
Material of Construction  : Anti Statically Treated Polyethylene Tyvek grade Based
    Material, Coated with Polyethylene. (No Chlorinated
Material of Construction : 3mm Thick Transparent Acrylic Sheet 360 degree full view.
of View Portion Style  : Full Body With Shoe Cover is Separate. One-Piece Design.
Zip (For One-Piece Type) 32" going across the One shoulder to another one with full cover.
Stitching : Fine Needle Stitched & duly sealed with five thread lock.
Colour of Thread : White, Polyester from Anchor.
Continuity of Stitching : Stitching is continuous and no loose thread and foreign
    particles are observed on the pressure suit.
Integrity  : Pressure Suit Is Intact.
Air Inlet Pipe  : It is situated at the backside, starting from the back and ending
    at the neck. Can be adjusted as per the incoming source of air
    fed hose.
Thickness of Suit : 110-120 GSM.
Melting Point  : Up to 88ºC
Testing Std : Fabric Confirms to Type 5 Protection Level of Dry Particles
    Certificate From Dupont is attached herewith.
Surface Resistivity : At rH 25 % 4.0 x 10 raised to power 9
Abrasion Resistance  : As per EN 530 METHOD 2. Standard. Value 100 cycles. 
    Passes en class 3 
Special format  : Exhalation thro’ chain , side arms and of visors’ valve.
Pressure in Bar for air inlet 4 bar minimum to 7 bar maximum, ie 700 lpm to 1100 lpm,
    ie.20-30 CFM

Tests & Testing Methods

We are using tested and well accepted garments from M/s. Dupont. Namely,
Tychem Series 2000 yellow, 4000 white , 6000 grey.
All garments are cleared for Cat III , protective test ,vied,
1. EN 14605 for type 3 and 4. Particulate and Jet spray.
2. EN IS0 13982-1 for type 5 dust and mist.
3. EN 13034 for type 6 liquid splashes.
4. Images of the garments are shown below.
5. Test certificates and Methods.

Above certified garments are then customised to the requirement of the user.
Garments are fixed with 360* wide head visor, 32” long chest zipper ,and a
Strength of the stitching. Conducted at BITRA Ghatkopar.
Air hose connector at the back. Entire suit is then subjected to,
Leakage / seepage test Conducted at BITRA Ghatkopar.
Puncture test of the garment. Conducted at BITRA Ghatkopar.
Total inward leakage Conducted at Venus Lab , Taloja.

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