ChemMax 4 Plus

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ChemMax 4 Plus - Encapsulating Suit with visor- Expanded back for internally worn SCBA

Rear Entry encapsulating suit with 20mil PVC visor.
Attached boots with boot overflaps.
Expanded back.
To be used with internally worn Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and breathing mask (not supplied).
Certified to EN 14605 Types 3 (jet sprays) and Type 4 (liquid sprays) of liquid chemicals (not gas-tight).
Certified to the infectious agent standard EN 14126; fabric achieves highest class in all four tests. (Type 3-b, 4-b,5-b and 6-b).
Rear mounted zip with storm flap.
One air exhaust port with protective shroud to allow escape of exhaled air.
Elastic wrists (use with push-lock glove connection system).
Spacious and generous design for comfort and freedom of movement.
Powered by Permasure®. Use to assess real world safe-wear times for over 4000 chemicals.

Note: This is not a gastight suit and is not suitable for protection against hazardous gases and vapours.

Features: Tape sealed seams, Storm flap over zipper, Expanded back for SCBA, Encapsulated, 20 mil PVC faceshield, Attached sock boots with boot flaps, Not gas/vapor tight, Sealed seams, Rear entry, 1 exhaust port with shroud, Expanded back.

Style Number: CT4S450PS

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