ChemMax 1 Cool Suit

Item Code : CT1SCF428


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Product Details

ChemMax 1 Cool Suit - Elasticated Hood, Cuffs, Waist and Ankles

ChemMax™ 1 version of the Cool Suit. The Cool Suit principle uses the main chemical protective coverall fabric for the garment and includes a breathable back covered by a flap sealed at top and sides. The innovative design allows circulation of air into the suit - enhanced by wearer movement - to radically improve comfort yet maintain protection against Type 4 liquid sprays.

Yellow ChemMax 1 fabric with green seams and rear panel cover; easy identification.
Critical areas - hood, front torso, sleeves & legs are ChemMax 1 chemical barrier fabric; covered breathable panel to rear sealed at top and sides and open at the bottom to allow air circulation.
Stitched & taped seams
Improved Super-B style coverall: superior fit, wearability and durability.

Features: Breathable back panel, Double zip / storm flap front fastening, Elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles, "Super B“ pattern.

Style Number: CT1SCF428

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