Smart Fit Multiple-Use Earplug

Item Code : SMF-30


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Product Details

Product Specification
Color Orange     :    Shape 3 Flange
Material TPE     :    Packaging Options HearPack
Cord Options     :    Detachable Nylon Cord
NRR 25             :    Canada Class A(L)
SNR 30            :    SLC80 20 dB / Class 3

Recommended Industries/Use
Agriculture, Chemical, Construction, Fire Protection, Forestry, Government, Law Enforcement,  Manufacturing, Medical, Military, Mining, Municipal Services, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Metals, Transportation, Utilities, Welding, Wind Energy, Hazards, Noise

Key Features
Patented Conforming Material Technology uses body heat to adapt to the individual shape of
each wearer’s ear canal
Delivers superior comfort and a truly individual fit
Simplifies inventory control – a single product fits almost every wearer
Detachable cord system and HearPack storage case

Training & Proper Use
While holding the stem, reach a hand over your head and gently pull top of your ear up and back.
Insert the earplug so all flanges are well inside your ear canal.
If properly fitted, the tip of the earplug stem may be visible to someone looking at you from the front.
Proper Fit – If either or both earplugs do not seem to be fitted properly, remove the earplug and reinsert.
Removal – Gently twist earplug while slowly pulling in an outward motion for removal.
Acoustical Check – In a noisy environment, with earplugs inserted, cup your hands over your ears and release. Earplugs should block enough noise so that covering your ears with your hands should not result in a significant noise difference.

Care + Maintenance
INSPECT – Prior to fitting, examine your earplugs for dirt, damage, deformation or extreme hardness—discard immediately if compromised.
CLEAN – Wash Multiple-Use earplugs with mild soap and warm water only. Pat dry with a towel and store in a case when not in use. Do not treat with any other substances, as the earplugs may degrade and compromise use.
HYGIENE – With proper maintenance, Multiple-Use earplugs can last for 2-4 weeks.

European Directives – 89/686/EEC
EC Category PPE – Category II
Standards – EN 352-2:2002
EC Certification Number – 1134
EC Attestation Number – 030649; 040809 & 040950
Laboratory – INSPEC

AUS Certifications
Standardsmark License #1133/1

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