Mechanical Foam

Item Code : Foam 45 Ltr.


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Product Details

Foam is a powerful knockdown agent for spill fires involving inflammable liquids such as petrol, oil, naptha, paints, alcohols Et solvent. This extinguisher forms a thick layer of foam over the burning surface, effectively cutting of atmospheric supply of oxygen to the burning surface thereby smothering the fire and preventing re-ignition. Foam extinguishes fire by giving blanketing effect.

CAUTION: Not for use an electrical fires.

Type 9 Ltr. 45 Ltr.
Fire Rating 2A:89B 20A:233B
Discharge Time 31 Sec 45 Sec
Total Height 570 mm 982 mm
Diameter 175 mm 300 mm
Charged Weight 12.5 kg 80 kg
Operating Temperature -5° C to +55° C -5° C to +55° C
Maximum Service Pressure 15 bar -
Service Pressure 18 bar -
Test Pressure 35 bar 35 bar
Jet Range 5 mtr. 4 mtr.
Cartridge   300 gm

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