BC Dry Powder 9 Kg

Item Code : MSPF-9BC


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Product Details

Dry Powder extinguisher are highly effective for B Ft C class fires, specially for combating three dimensional or running fires involving inflammable liquids like petrol, paints, solvents or industrial gases. They can also be used on energized electrical equipments. Powder based extinguisher knocks down fire by beating a displacement of air.

Type 6 Kg 9 Kg
Fire Rating 89B 144B
Discharge Time 24 Sec 31 Sec
Total Height 485 mm 570 mm
Diameter 160 mm 175 mm
Charged Weight 8.5 Lg 12.5 Kg
Operating Temperature -10° C to +55° C
Service Pressure 15 bar 15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure 18 bar 18 bar
Test Pressure 35 bar 35 bar
Jet Range 4 meter 5 meter

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