Safety Goggles

Item Code : OG - T1100


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Product Details

Product Specification    
Item Material : Polypropylene (PP)
Lens Type : Zero-power
Frame Type : Plastic
Lens Material : Polycarbonate
Color : White
Usage / Application : Industrial
Gender : Unisex
Disposability : Non-Disposable


Product Description 
Over the glasses type spectacles
Fits over most prescription eyewear
Also can be worn as regular safety glasses
Offers very good coverage Wide field of view
Lens : Clear
Lenses are Hard Coated.
Materials: Lens – Polycarbonate
Colour & Frame : Clear

Technical Performance 
Impact resistance – 6mm steel ball at 45m/s.
Visible light transmission – 92% minimum
UV ABC absorption – 100%, up to 390nm
Heat resistance – up to 80ºC.
Abrasion resistance – conforms to EN166 requirement
Weight: 49 gr.
Approval : EN 166.1.F

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